We help

Businesses to embrace Cognitive Automation and engage customers in their channel of choice using AI Powered chatbots.

Additionally, businesses can tap into the real possibility of engaging customers in ANY AFRICAN LANGUAGE.

What we do

tdt.ai is the ‘First African Born Conversational AI’ platform, delivering customer experience and automation expertise.

Unleash the potential of Conversational Intelligence through tdt.ai’s – AI powered Customer Engagement suite to boost revenues and operational efficiency.

Our Cognitive AI platform delivers high-impact, hyper-personalised customer experiences at scale.

Helping brands transform their customer service through harnessing the power of AI and Cognitive Automation across Africa and beyond.

Multi Channel Automation & API Integration

Automation and integration across:

Create an integrated and cohesive customer experience, across multiple channels, automating responses on whichever platform is most natural for the customer including WhatsApp.

The Sectors We Work With
to deliver seamless Conversational Commerce and Self-service experiences.

E-Commerce and Retail
Automated Sales, Marketing and Customer Care across digital channels. Automation to help your business grow & more.

Property Sector
Enquiries, Tenant listings, Buy a home Listings, Surveys, Document submission, Issue resolution, Customer care, updates & more.

Open an account, On-boarding, Security and Fraud alerts, Credit checks docs, FICA, Account and Statement updates, Limit increases and decreases, Payment reminders and notifications and InApp messaging across all digital channels.

Financial Services
Lead generation, Customer Enquiries Client, Quotes and Policies across all digital channels & more.

Student applications and Enrolment, Onboarding, FAQs, Account alerts and updates & more.

Employee Engagement and People Functions
Employee, Engagement, Employee boarding, Questions and queries, product and employee awareness & more.

Repairs, Care service, Sales, Marketing and Customer Care across digital channels. Automation to help your business grow & more.

Community Engagement and awareness, Project awareness, Updates, Queries, questions and more.

Zero physical-touch support with self-service

Not all questions, queries, or comments need agents support.

Customers prefer to self-service in their own time and on their channel of choice.

We help your business create a ‘VIRTUALself-service help capability. Reduce Support Tickets and WaitingTimes and get customers to find the answers themselves.

Imagine if your business could

reduce operational costs by 50% increase sales revenue by 20% decrease agent attrition by 50% boost in CSAT 20% achieve a

What is Conversational Commerce

“Conversational Commerce” is a new form of ecommerce where brands and consumers communicate through live representatives and AI assistants in order to explore offerings, make transactions and receive services or help with their purchases.

When you actually experience conversational commerce, you realize that it makes it easier to get information about products you care about and make decisions about whether to buy them. It also gives brands an opportunity to provide the kind of instant, personalized advice that better satisfies consumers and helps them feel more connected with that brand.

It’s about delivering convenience, personalization, and decision support while people are on the go, with only partial attention to spare.

What does Conversational Commerce in Africa mean:
Intelligent assistants in Africa need to deliver solutions that are able to interact in the many local languages in Africa.

What your brand should know

80 of business believe they are providing a great experience but only 8% of customers agree.
86 of consumers want the ability to solve most customer service issues in the native language.
61 say chatbots in customer service are here to stay.

What are your key priorities?

Natural Language Understanding (Predominate African Languages per Country)

Consistency of Service

Supported Channels

Integration into existing service

Service Costs

Average resolution times

Net Promoter Score

Clients We Have Engaged