AI Impact on Supply Chains

AI Impact on Supply Chains

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Join us for an insightful episode where we sit down with Ken Klug, President and CEO of QCS Purchasing Cooperative. Ken shares his fascinating journey from the chemical industry to leading a cooperative in the food and beverage sector. He offers a unique perspective on the current challenges faced by the grocery industry, particularly the pressures to reduce prices amidst rising costs. Discover how QCS leverages data and technology, such as invoice automation and strategic sourcing, to help its members make better purchasing decisions and stay competitive.

In another segment, we explore the critical role of data management tools like Excel and Power BI in small to medium-sized businesses. We discuss how these tools provide essential business insights and support ERP solutions. Additionally, we examine the impact of commodity markets, environmental factors, and the growing trend of nearshoring on the supply chain industry. From shifts in consumer behavior toward sustainability to the cautious adoption of technological advancements like electric self-driving trucks, this chapter covers it all.

Our conversation also delves into the experimental use of AI in supply chains, showcasing real-world examples of its potential in optimizing production schedules and data analytics. We emphasize the importance of strategically applying AI to solve specific business problems and the value of peer learning within cooperative groups. Wrapping up, we reflect on the significance of nurturing relationships and staying connected, sharing personal anecdotes that highlight the joy and insights gained from maintaining these connections. Don’t miss this engaging discussion that covers everything from industry challenges to the human element of business success.

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